Netbooks, Internet, and Learning: The Pros

The internet is one of the world’s latest inventions which has help mankind out a great deal. Most people these days cannot live without the internet. They live and breathe the internet and depend on the internet for almost anything and everything that they do. People are so stuck on the internet that they even have mobile phones that can surf the web or perform internet functions now, so that they can use the internet anywhere they want as long as there is a reception. Then there were also all sorts of gadgets invented to be connected to the internet network, like the netbook or even the tablets, such as the pads and iPod touch.

Besides playing online games, checking out potential dates, booking a show at the theatres or doing some online shopping, most people have forgotten how they can use the internet to further improve themselves. With the internet, there is now this thing called long distance learning. Not to mention that the internet gives you access to vast amounts of information. You can always check out available education courses and see which ones would be beneficial for your career. With so many courses and universities out there, the internet has created a new problem, that of information overload. While previously such information is scarce and hard to find, these days we are overwhelmed with information and what is difficult is trying to make a choice from all the options available.

It is pretty interesting, but many people cannot even live without the internet these days. People are so hard up on the internet that these days smartphones have taken over the function of computers to allow people to browse the internet. Pretty interesting if you ask me because in the past the handphone was not only big but expensive too. People had to pay loads of money to have a roaming phone line and most people settle for just a pager. Those days there were still many public pay phones, and people would mainly use these to call others if they are outside and not at home. These days it is not only cheap to have a handphone, together with a monthly phone plan, but you can also even get a data plan to surf the internet. With the internet, you can do all sorts of things including searching for information on how to upgrade your education.

Netbooks. These are small, portable devices that are used for surfing the internet or are used for making basic spreadsheets and documents. They usually come in 10.1″ screens and some have a bigger screen size that can go up to 11″. These netbooks have the Atom processor, 1GB of RAM and also 160GB of hard drive. Now, there is a new processor in the market called the Atom N550 processor, this will make your computer run and perform faster compared to the old processor.

There are a lot of netbooks out there that are lightweight and are small enough to be placed in a sleeve or in a bag. Computer bags and sleeves come in different styles and designs. Also, battery size is something to look at. Smaller batteries make the unit lighter, but bigger batteries, on the other hand, have a longer runtime. These types of computers have six-cell batteries and these are usually recommended.

Check netbook reviews online, their ratings and the top 10 netbooks that are available. You will learn a lot from what other users say about a particular computer. You can also compare netbook prices and brands to suit your budget.